Energetic on-air talent, writer and producer.

Rosie Maria

I was raised in Central Florida with southern roots. Growing up on stage in front of the camera performing and working in TV commercials filled my childhood with a passion to communicate. Now I host live television, HSN, national shopping channels, live Tv auctions, infomercials, travel shows and emcee events, selling millions in jewelry, toys, fashion and many other products along the way.

A broad back ground as an on air host, writer and producer for radio, live television, magazines, podcasts and emceeing events has allowed me to utilize my natural gift and hone my skills.

When communicating about a product I become the surrogate consumer honing in on the hot buttons that inspire sales.

As a writer, producer, content creator and social media reporter I have interviewed celebrities in entertainment, fashion, sports, politics, health, book authors and entrepreneurs.

While Hosting a celebrity adventure segment produced for Tv, radio, print and online outlets I arranged distribution with a multi-media approach and acquired sponsors releasing celebrity interviews nationally for The Daily Buzz and Emotional Mojo national TV shows as an entertainment and country music contributing host.

I host News talk Morning shows and I’ve consulted for media companies and brands to develop their social media strategy, live streaming and creating video content.


Fun Facts

• ❤️’s country music • Orangetheory enthusiast • Sunset chaser • Champagne sipper • Adventure seeker • Live streamer


In a nutshell…..

I host live shows and I clone your best salesperson with video.