Pat Simmons, founder of Bikes 4 Christ is on the show today.

“Since we don’t work directly with individuals, we depend upon the case managers at the various organizations to send us the photos and stories so we can share, create more awareness and bring in more donations. “

Mark Harrison – Bikes For Christ and Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office Re-Entry are proud to share this story of success! From Steve, Mark’s case manager at HCSO; “Mark is one of the success stories from the Lifer’s Program in coordination with Everglades State Correctional, Florida International University, and the Noah House here in Tampa – along with HCSO staff at HREC. Mark has managed to not only begin the foundation of re-establishing a career in the electrician’s field, but he has also served as a mentor to many other returning citizens over the course of the past 8 months. He is steady and needs to have reliable transportation to and from work as well as important meetings that he now leads. Mark is very grateful for all who have stepped up to help him build this foundation for a more worthwhile life, including the services and good will of the Bikes4Christ staff.”

Phillip Williams – Also from HCSO Re-Entry, Phillip’s case manager Dan states “Phillip has found a job that he enjoys working at a restaurant. He states that this bike will ease the pressure he feels in trying to rely in the bus daily to get to work on time. he can also get home and have more family time much easier and quicker than before, which truly raised the quality of his life. Plus, he has been unable to respond adequately when they call him in to work because someone else called out. With this bike he says “it’s a blessing” because he can respond and get to work when needed within half an hour – or less. He is thankful and truly grateful to have such a blessing.”

Devin Brown – Bikes For Christ and our partners at Operation PAR, Inc. were able to help Devin with a bicycle and this is the letter of thanks we received:

“I am so thankful for this bike and that there is a program out there such as yours. This is the first step in my new life in sobriety!.

Thanks devin…

P.s if ever need volunteers and I’m done with this program I’d be happy to help.”

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